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GPS S01°26.463 / E035°12.490

For selfdrivers via Sekenani:
The Aruba-Mara Camp can best be reached through the route Nairobi-Narok-Sekenani.
The road from Nairobi to Narok is in a very good condition since the end of 2009.
The road from Narok to Sekenani is currently under construction.
At Sekenani gate You now need to park admissionyou have to pay entrance fee of $ 80 / person (Jan 2012) and pay 800 Ksh for a Land Rover. The ticket is valid for 24 hours.
Here you have directly the possibilityy to see the first animals.
In the park there are some signs direction Talek and direction Aruba Mara Camp, so you can not really get lost.

There is also an abbreviation from Sekenani to Talek without having to drive through the park, without entrance fee.
 Ask about the current road situation in Sekenani (very dependent on the weather).
The journey from Nairobi to  Aruba-Mara is about 5 hours.

For selfdrivers via Aitong:
KM 3 First junction to Masai Mara Game Reserve (left). Ignore it and continue on the main road.
KM 27 After village, two antennas on the right. Continue straight.
KM 32 Second junction to Masai Mara Game Reserve (left). Take it.
KM 59 Crossing Lemek Village. Continue straight.
KM 79 Crossroads. Turn left. (Hill on your left, plains in front, many sign boards for camps & lodges). Immediately after turning left, sign board Mara Leisure Camp.
KM 82 Crossing Aitong Village. Continue straight.
KM 88 First river crossing
KM 89 Second river crossing
KM 93 Third river crossing
KM 96 Fourth river crossing (bad during rains)
KM 102 Rocky section (about 800 mts long). Olare Orok Conservancy office on the right.

Überall auf der Strecke gibt es kleine Umleitungen, auf denen das Fahren wesentlich angenehmer ist als auf der Hauptstraße.

Travel from Nairobi is possible by
1. Bus, Nairobi to Narok by Matatu, from Narok Busstation at 2 pm to Talek( our camp ) take a full-day drive around 20 USD total amount
2. Car with driver, he pick you from any hotel or airport and drive you to the camp with stops for picture, snacks and possibility of small shopping, money changing, Bank, Toilet, this take about 6 hours and is 170 USD one-way ( up to 4 Pax in the car possible)
3. by Air: from Willson Airport Nairobi you fly 55 min to our Airstrip OL KIOMBO where we pick you free of charge.

Flight-bookings please by
From Mombasa please book flights through: