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  • What distinguishes the Aruba-Mara Camp from the many other camps in the Mara?
  • What advantages has it for you?

ArubakarteThe camp is the result of the enthusiasm for the animals and nature of the Mara.
Before I had the idea to build up a private safari camp, I was driving with my old Nissan Patrol  for many years throughout the southern and eastern Africa. Each country, each region had its own charm, but here in the Mara all came together: fascinating landscape and a magnificent wildlife.

Here was the opportunity to be accommodated as a self-drive or an individual traveler, as well as hopeless to find a public restaurant.
Wherefore is my camp a combination of well-kept camping, cheap tents for self-drivers and comfortable accommodation created for discerning guests, and the whole topped with a restaurant, where the fresh products from Kenya are processed into culinary delights.
Breads is freshly baked daily, and our pasta is homemade. Served in the bar, the fireplace or in the beer garden like a good glass of wine, a cold beer or a delicious long drink..

And now I’m here: in my home in Talek

  • Located right on the Talek gate, but not inside the park, so that you do not have to pay entrance fee
  • ideal access to the Paradise-Plains in the west with a great big cats-density
  • Leopard sightings are really good possible along the Talek gallery forests
  • small shops,  a bank with ATM (KSh, US $), doctors and service stations in Talek
  • Airfield just 20 minutes
  • it is possible to reach us by car at every weather situation, in times of heavy rain you have to drive through the park.


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Standard- and luxory tents

Cheaper small tents, without water, but with power

Campsite, for you and your own tent

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