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At this point I want to write a little about me, the emphasis is on little

  • In 2000 I emigrated at the age of 38 years to Kenya.
  • At first I planned and directed safaris in East Africa from Mombasa.
  • 2003:  the foundation stone (which is actually a first shower and toilet in a small house) was layed in Aruba-Mara Camp on the northern edge of the Masai Mara.
  • 2005 we built the first solid tent, followed by further showers on  the campsite, toilets and kitchens-houses and a restaurant (with, how many guests say, the best cuisine in the radius of 200 km).
  • To date, I've built everything without the participation of major operators or investors, this may also be a reason that everything is a little more personal in Aruba-Mara Camp.
    And if you're interested: Aruba is in the language of Giriama (people living at  the north coast of Kenya) ELEPHANT.
    Why the Caribbean island has the same name?

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