Aruba Mara Camp & Safaris
20500 Narok, Kenya

Wildlife - Adventure in nature

Experience real wildlife in the Maasai Mara or all over Kenya

Why should you choose the Aruba-Mara Camp as a wildlife friend?
The Aruba-Mara Camp is located just a few meters outside the park directly at the Talek Gate and directly on the Talek River.
Already in the camp you have the opportunity to observe animals from your terrace drinking on the river.
Not infrequently, antelope herds or elephants are only a few meters from the camp. Since the camp is located above the bank, elephants can not get into the camp.
Right in the river in front of our restaurant we have, so to speak, a Haus-Flussperd, which we christened Oscar years ago. We were very surprised when Oscar got a child 2 years ago.
Due to the unique location of the camp, we have the opportunity to reach both the south of the park in no time, as well as the big cat-rich Paradise Plains.

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Aruba Mara Camp & Safaris
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