One year ago
a fantastic safari!

Wasn't that a great trip, dear guest ?!

Hello dear guest

It is exactly one year since you were in the camp with us.
Surely you still remember this great experience.

Did you catch the Africa virus, too?
Do you dream of elephants and lions at night?

Well, let's whet your appetite for Africa and Safari a little.
Below are some recent pictures from the Aruba-Mara Camp.

When will we meet again?

And here your surprise

10 days Masai Mara
per person 2199.- €

5 days short safari
per person 1449.- €

For African-crazy and repeat offenders, we have considered a special offer. This offer is only for former Aruba Safaris guests.

Gerda Simon
Aruba Mara Camp & Safaris
Postbox 727
20500 Narok, Kenya

Tel. Camp: +254 723 997 524
Management: +254 724 734 090

Latest news

At Aruba-Mara Camp, time never stands still.

Every day there are new challenges.
A water pipe, which was still working yesterday, was cut to pieces this morning by an Eland.
Aruba-Mara - pure wildlife

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