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Safari Maasai Mara

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We will make your stay in Kenya and the Masai Mara an unforgettable experience.
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Rain in the Mara

Rainy season in the Masai Mara

Experience the rainy season in the Mara! Get drenched in monsoon-like rain, put your driving skills to the test on the famous "black cotton soil" roads, fight with the elemental forces of the river - be right in the middle of the "African adventure" 😉

Aruba Mara - Your safari starts here!

Camp and travel companies have come from a 30-year passion
which we would like to share with you:
the love of Africa

Gamedrive in Masai Mara

» Your trip starts here

Tented Camp in Maasai Mara Kenya

» Here is your home in Africa

Aruba Mara - an unforgettable experience!

All I wanted was to come back to Africa. I had not even left it, but when I woke up at night, I lay listening, already homesick for it. (Ernest Hemingway)

Geparden auf Safari in der Massai Mara


Entspannung im Aruba Mara Camp in der Masai Mara


Tented Camp in der Masai Mara Kenya

A bit of Luxory

Safari in Africa: Masai Mara Rundreise

Live Africa!

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Safaris in Kenya, Rundreisen in der Maasai Mara


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